Divorce in Australia: 4 services to help you through it

April 4, 2022

If you’re at the beginning of a separation or divorce in Australia, you might feel frozen at the thought of what to do next. There’s so much to learn, and it can feel overwhelming. 

At Bespoke Family Lawyers, we encourage a holistic approach to your separation journey. After all, we know it takes more than just a good family lawyer to get you through the ups and downs of divorce in Australia. 

Building a support team of professionals is a great way to guide you into your new life, helping you to strengthen and grow as you move forward. 

Divorce services in Australia worth considering

1. A divorce coach

It might seem like there’s a coach for everything these days, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, panicked and like you’re in crisis mode, then we’d highly recommend engaging with a divorce coach

They’ll offer support, guidance and arm you with communication strategies when it comes to speaking with and negotiating plans with your Ex

A divorce coach can also help you to unpack your identity, what it is that you want and how you want to rebuild your life.  

A couple of the fabulous coaches we’ve worked with before include: 

  • Alice Macdonald who works with women who’ve been in long-term relationships and need help rediscovering themselves outside that relationship. 
  • Jennifer Demiri works with people during one of their most vulnerable and challenging times to process the separation, to rediscover their sense of self and their desired future. 

2. A psychologist or counsellor

Divorce is a huge life event, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, struggling to process all the grief and emotions that come with the end of a relationship, know it’s completely normal. But, it could be time to start working with a divorce psychologist or counsellor.

A psychologist or counsellor can help you move on from your marriage, unpacking your feelings about the separation, work through unresolved conflict and trauma and create practical strategies to support you to create a purpose filled life. 

They can also help you recognise your own patterns of behaviour, which can be helpful when moving on and rebuilding your life. 

Some of the fabulous psychologists and counsellors we work with include: 

  • Lana Hall from Sage & Sound – Lana and her team of psychologists and counsellors create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings together with psychological strategies targeted to support you. 
  • Honni Hayton is a counsellor who works with women to understand and overcome the challenges they face at home and in their relationships.  We love the Empowering Women Program that Honni has created to support women to live a guilt-free life of purpose, freedom and happiness. 

3. An accountant

Having an accountant onboard to take care of your financial interests is something we always recommend, but especially if you’re dealing with complex or substantial assets. 

An accountant will help to determine the value of assets and income streams in your relationship. This is essential to understanding your financial position and to determine how your assets will be divided.

Oftentimes, there is one person in a relationship who takes care of the finances and business, with the other being left in the dark. In that scenario, hiring your own accountant to provide an evaluation of the financial situation and making sure the numbers add up is definitely in your best interest. 

Some of the accountants we call in for support with our clients include: 

4. A financial advisor

You might think you don’t need one, especially if you’ve already engaged an accountant, but having a financial advisor on your divorce team can be seriously life-changing. 

Not only are they a handy second-pair of eyes to have weighing in on big financial decisions, but they’ll also assess your lifestyle before and after divorce, helping you to achieve your financial goals, and can help us to create a settlement that helps you achieve those goals. 

Some of the financial planners we have worked with include: 

When you’re ready here a few things we can help you with…

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You can download our How to Survive the First 90 Days After Separation Guide which is jam-packed with easy, actionable steps you can take in the early days of your separation as you start to uncover and plan how you want to move forward.

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This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or any other professional advice.

Facing divorce in Australia and feeling unsure where to start?

Let us guide you through what’s involved in untangling your relationship and give you the tools to set yourself up to move forward.

Feeling unsure where to start?

Let us guide you through what’s involved in untangling your relationship and give you the tools to set yourself up to move forward.

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